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On this page you will see examples of framing projects that we have undertaken. We present them in a way that shows the elements of a frame and we go some way to describing what is involved, the materials we use and look at the considerations that must be taken for effective conservation and best presentation of your piece, be that a treasured old photograph, an original artwork or other object keepsake or memento. In each case different considerations are required and materials and techniques chosen for the required purpose.


We hope you enjoy this insight into our work. Visit again as we will add more mini case study articles in time. Should you have a piece or object requiring preservation and presenting in a frame then please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can use the links here. Thank you for your attention and your interest. 

Sean McKay – picture framer

CO2522 RAW

I do enjoy the hand finishing process

There are many good quality frame mouldings that come with well sculptured shaping and lend themselves to being hand finished, usually, for large canvases. Two of my favourites are shown here.

We usually paint these and in the case of the black Whistler frame shown below, they are then given a black boot polish finish which adds to its overall finish. This makes the frame look old and also provides that waxed finish that I like to end up with which gives the frame surface good overall protection.

 There are of course a range of colours to choose from, but I often find we are mixing a colour that relates to some part of the work being framed. 

Gold slips can be added too and this can benefit the final framing exercise by providing that extra bit of style, but also aids the framing process when glazing the piece is required as the slip conveniently provides necessary spacing of the glass from the piece of work.

A print of an old classic

Our client wanted to have this print re framed in a wide wooden frame. We came up with this suggestion (picture to the left) after going through and thinking about some options. This particular consultation was carried out by Covid safe remote methods. First I collected from our client the work for framing and then we discussed via a couple of emails what it was she was looking for. Interpreting what she wanted I sent images of a couple of sets of sample options. 

Something we had to consider was the necessary depth of the frame rebate to suitably accommodate the picture as it was a print on fabric which had then been stretched onto a small canvas frame.

starry Dumfries night

Val Macadam's work is both quirky and bright

Although Val likes to frame here pieces in a variety of white frames, I think using a frame from our Confetti range from Larson Juhl  adds another bit of colour and fun to how a piece of her’s is presented.

In this short article we show you an example of the coloured range as well as a black one, both of which were chosen by customers for Christmas gifts.

Framing sample wall
The Globe Inn
starry dumfries night
Crichton Study with deep frame samples

I am a great fan of deep, Oak and Ash frames

We may all know that hard wood is a wood from a broad leafed hardwood tree, which typically are deciduous tree. This does not necessarily mean the wood is ‘hard’ but when we come to the likes of, for example, the slow growing oak and ash, then these really are hard woods.

I enjoy working with these as they have great detail in their grain and with a waxing of my favourite wax colour Golden Pine, they come up a treat.

Using deep mouldings is essential for deep objects such as tapestry and cross stitch pieces. But I also like to use them to create the effect of a window, which for certain pictures, perhaps a watercolour landscape, conjure up the effect of looking out to the landscape in the picture.

Crichton studies by Tom Lindsay
Crichton Study - Deep Oak frame
Waxing an Oak moulding