Gallery Picture Framing

COVID 19 update – May 2022

For your convenience, and ours too, we recommend an appointment is made

for your picture framing enquiries and collections

Welcome to Ottersburn Gallery Picture Framing

Our new look gallery and picture framing studio combines work by local regional artists with examples of picture framing.

Our picture framing service is available for the framing of a wide range of items. From certificates, mementos and other keepsakes to original artwork on canvas, board or paper as well as fabric items such as cross stitch and tapestry.

You might find our series of articles of interest. On these pages you will see examples of framing projects that we undertake. 

We present them in a way that shows the elements of a frame and we go some way to describing what is involved and the materials used. 

If you have a framing requirement making an appointment is the most convenient was to arrange a consultation.   

New and exciting times ahead

Watercolour classes in May at Ottersburn Gallery

In the future we plan to stage or play host to a number of workshops. In May this year we are pleased to be hosting the first of these on behalf of Jan Macbeth Art, Watercolour for Wellbeing. Read on for more information. 

Watercolour for Wellbeing

Jan Macbeth offers classes in Watercolour painting. These classes have wellbeing at their heart. The classes are for adults with or without experience of watercolour painting. Jan is very friendly and only ever encourages development and wishes for people to gain a sense of wellbeing from their watercolour painting.

If you would like to know a bit more about the classes then get in touch with us at Ottersburn or use the link below which will take you to some detail that Jan has provided. If you would like to book a place on the next course then use the booking link below