Welcome to Ottersburn Gallery.

I hope you and all our regular visitors and customers are safe and well as we begin to see changes coming about with the loosening of the Coronavirus Lockdown.

Of course looking to the future will be an odd thing for us all. What will life be like, how will we engage with art in public spaces and how will we go about ordering our picture frames?

We have spent the past few weeks considering this and hopefully have provided some answers. Ottersburn Gallery will be very much open for business when we are all allowed out to play again, but of course many of our methods will have to change. We hope that the development of this website will help to manage these changes.

Ottersburn goes Virtual

Ottersburn Gallery goes Online

We have worked hard to create an online version of the gallery and picture framing service and we hope to create 'virtually' the same experience as is common to you when visiting the gallery in person.

Further more we continue to represent artists from across Dumfries and Galloway and you will see here Artist's profiles, images of their work and an opportunity to purchase their work from the our online gallery shop. We will continue to host exhibitions, but in the virtual world. We are currently working with...

Hope London, exhibiting until 30th June

Jenny Finch, exhibiting soon

Heather at work in studio
Heather Armstrong, exhibiting soon

Alison Fair Bixler
Alison Fair Bixler exhibiting soon

You can now order Picture Framing online

You will also see you can order picture frames here. We have a selection of our wider range now available online along with a choice of mounts and glassing and we are always available to discuss specific needs with you in more detail. To help facilitate this we are offering an appointments arrangement. This will help control the flow of visitors and avoid disappointment if we are already engaged with another customer.

Range now available online

Ask us about delivery and collection

We are offering a delivery services too. This takes different forms designed to meet the specific requirements of the purchased items, many of which of course are fragile. We will be open again for you to visit the gallery as Lockdown eases further but appointments can be made now and we will accommodate you on a one to one bases.

I hope you enjoy visiting our website and I hope too that you find it accommodate your needs that are presented by the needs of Social Distancing.