CO2522 RAW

I do enjoy the hand finishing process

There are many good quality frame mouldings that come with well sculptured shaping and lend themselves to being hand finished, usually, for large canvases. Two of my favourites are shown here.

We usually paint these and in the case of the black Whistler frame shown below, they are then given a black boot polish finish which adds to its overall finish. This makes the frame look old and also provides that waxed finish that I like to end up with which gives the frame surface good overall protection.

 There are of course a range of colours to choose from, but I often find we are mixing a colour that relates to some part of the work being framed. 

Gold slips can be added too and this can benefit the final framing exercise by providing that extra bit of style, but also aids the framing process when glazing the piece is required as the slip conveniently provides necessary spacing of the glass from the piece of work.