Crichton Study with deep frame samples

I am a great fan of deep, Oak and Ash frames

We may all know that hard wood is a wood from a broad leafed hardwood tree, which typically are deciduous tree. This does not necessarily mean the wood is ‘hard’ but when we come to the likes of, for example, the slow growing oak and ash, then these really are hard woods.

I enjoy working with these as they have great detail in their grain and with a waxing of my favourite wax colour Golden Pine, they come up a treat.

Using deep mouldings is essential for deep objects such as tapestry and cross stitch pieces. But I also like to use them to create the effect of a window, which for certain pictures, perhaps a watercolour landscape, conjure up the effect of looking out to the landscape in the picture.

Crichton studies by Tom Lindsay
Crichton Study - Deep Oak frame
Waxing an Oak moulding