Jan Macbeth's Watercolour for Wellbeing classes

Next classes are on each Saturday in May. When booking make your choice of morning or afternoon session. 

Jan Macbeth’s classes in Watercolour painting have a focus on wellbeing. Jan sees the benefit which comes from a therapeutic past time like watercolour painting and she enjoys sharing this experience with others wishing to learn new skills or improve on those skills they already have.

What ‘s more it is not an expensive hobby and is it is not difficult to create a piece of work that you can be truly proud of.

Her classes are intended for adults. She says ‘To get the most out of a 4 week block of classes I do encourage that each class is attended. However should for some reason you miss a class you would be made very welcome to join up with the next session. She goes on ‘You do not need to buy a whole lot of paint and equipment at the outset. I will give you a list of necessary items. This will save you from buying unnecessary bits and pieces. 

The classes are informal and friendly and will teach you new skills or provide a place to improve those you already have.

Each session, or block, consist of 4 weekly sessions. You can sign up for the morning sessions which run from 10am – 12.30pm or the afternoon session running from 1pm – 3.30pm.

If you are interested in finding out more about the class then use the links below. It might be advisable to book early. Each class has 10 places. You can get in touch to request more information or use the booking button to be taken to our booking page where you can reserve a place.  

Each class is made up of 4 weekly sessions. You can sign up for the morning sessions which run from 10am – 12.30pm or the afternoon session running from 1pm – 3.30pm.

Jan has provided some detail about the classes, the equipment and how it can be purchased. To book a place on the next 4 week class session or if you have any queries please use the links below.  Your queries received via the link will be passed onto Jan and she will answer directly by return.

Next class session; 7th | 14th | 21st | 28th May


• At a cost of £60, this course is 4 weeks of tutored watercolour fun.  Based on positive feedback, enthusiasm and delight in watercolour, there is serious stuff to learn, but a masterpiece is not expected immediately!  

• Classes will be small, up to 10 students in each

• Covid rules if still applicable, will be strictly followed.

• All watercolour techniques will be covered, including wet in wet, dry brush technique, using salt to produce texture and wax as a resist. The colour wheel, colour mixing and lots more will be introduced and experienced.

• Watercolour is no longer seen as the pale wishy washy cousin of oils and acrylics, and can be as vibrant and contemporary as any other medium. 

• If you have to miss a class for some reason, for instance, if you are in the morning class, with prior arrangement you can do a catch-up by attending an afternoon class thereby not missing out at all.


• If you have watercolour materials, do bring them along.  Lovely.

• You will be given a Materials List when starting the course, but a basic kit is available to borrow for the first couple of weeks.  Students will need their own materials.

• Jan is a Professional Associate of the SAA, Society for All Artists, an online shop that caters for all artists, and that has very reasonably priced equipment that can be ordered for you at members price with free Post & packaging, and delivered to you the following week.  

• Please do not rush out and buy a load of unnecessary materials.  

• You will need a minimum of 3 brushes, some relatively good watercolour paper and a limited palette of watercolour pans.  

• Watercolour, as a hobby, is relatively cheap, the pans of watercolour go on forever, brushes can last for years if looked after and not left in the water, though good watercolour paper is essential.  All can be ordered from the SAA via Jan, very resonably.

This is a short 4 week introductory course.  If you are interested and wish to continue your learning, future classes will be arranged.