Hope London

Hope London originates from the United States of America. She is now based in the western reaches of Dumfries and Galloway and works out of her cottage studio and she also has a town center base in Ayrshire. She has a very unique style with her painting but her creativity does not stop there. She also writes music,  lyrics and performs cabaret. Sean McKay – Ottersburn Gallery

Hope-London - New York City presentation
Hope-London – New York City presentation

Long based in rural Wigtownshire, native New Yorker Hope London is a visual artist, songwriter, performer and co-creator of award winning arts-based education programs who believes in the transformative power of the arts.  After raising a family and a career in arts management, Hope now lives life as an artist and prefers the studio to almost any other place.

ROOT & BRANCH is the title piece of this exhibition.  The paintings are part of an evolving body of work focused on trees.  Some offer a magical escape into the woods, some are a metaphor for the human condition.

Layers of technology and the endless demands of everyday life – including Lockdown-induced stresses – may separate us from feeling part of the natural world.  But trees help us re-connect.

Says Hope, “Art is how I make sense of the world.  The world can be chaotic, uncertain. Painting is a search for harmony and resolution, though never fully resolved.  Each project carries an element of risk because I never know exactly how I’ll deal with an idea or what the result will be.  But risk leads to discovery and growth. 

My love for trees began with the old apple tree in my childhood back garden, survivor of an orchard cleared to make way for post-war housing.  Climbing it was like entering a portal to an imaginary dimension.  The painting ‘Root and Branch’ is a tribute to my first memory of that tree.

It always amazes me how colour and line have the power to communicate profound emotions that might be difficult to explain in words.  The process of drawing and painting creates a completely immersive connection with the subject, pure in-the-moment intuition and little rational thought.  It’s part of a bigger story, figuring out how everything connects.   A tree can be a clue to understanding this world.  When people look at the finished work I hope they will experience some of the uncertainty and excitement I felt while it unfolded, and find their own meaning in the work. 

Hope studied painting and drawing with modern masters Charles Cajori, Mary Frank and Philip Pearlstein at the City University of New York (BA Queens College, MFA Brooklyn College) and is inspired by Expressionist painters Egon Schiele and Edvard Munch.