Heather Armstrong

I have entered the creative world relatively late in life, having raised my family and fulfilled a career in the medical profession. Consequently I am soaking up all there is to learn of new skills and techniques while also endeavouring to look at the world and my place in it in a different way.

What inspires me is outside. It’s the big stuff; the mountains, the sea, the rocks, the rivers and glaciers. It’s the energy in the wind and the water. It’s the colour and flow of the seasons.

In my art work I am searching for ways to capture the emotion and spirit that these things stir in me. I confound myself however as I recognise in my process a drive to achieve control and balance rather than the spontaneity and unrestraint I feel I ought to strive for.  I have explored a variety of media during my recent art college education, enjoying them all. However, I find that it is ceramics which enables me to work with my required discipline, while allowing the behaviour of the clay and its finish to give the work an energy which is often unexpected and fulfilling.

My ceramic practice is based on hand building techniques where I explore shape and texture with particular focus on the transitions between planes and contrasting surfaces. I am not yet friends with glaze and find that smoke firing my pieces enhances the form and gives them a visual warmth which invites touch as well as inspection.

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