We represent artists from across Dumfries and Galloway. The creative talent throughout our region is rich and diverse, from painters to ceramicists, from land artists to performers.

Our representation of these artists is made through the exhibitions and workshops held here at Ottersburn Gallery. Workshops often take place as part of an exhibition and there are also opportunities for artists to book and use the space as a residence studio.

Each year we invite between 6 and 10 artists to be represented throughout the year. Our program of exhibitions and events are the result of collaboration with these artists. We also enjoy working with arts groups and initiatives such at Spring Fling and Dumfries and Galloway Fine Arts Society.

Read on to learn more and click on their picture to be taken to their full biography and work that can be purchased through this website.

Finlay Coupar

Finlay Coupar profile portrait

Finlay Coupar spent most of his working life in Higher Education, as Art Lecturer (drawing, painting and printmaking), Head of Art Department, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Education, and finally as Director of Student Affairs; all at York St John University. Prior to that he worked briefly in schools, at the Scottish Council for Research in Education and at the Printmakers Workshop Edinburgh where he was also chair.  Having retired to Galloway and living locally, he is now devoting most of his time to his art practice. He was educated at Edinburgh College of Art, where he graduated in drawing and painting and was awarded an Andrew Grant scholarship and at Edinburgh University where he gained an M.Ed.

He has exhibited widely in England and Scotland and his work has been purchased by The Scottish Arts Council, The Department of the Environment, The Western Infirmary Glasgow and Inverness Art Gallery and is held in private collections in the USA, Eire, UK and Germany.

The works exhibited and on sale  here show the development of ideas from their initial stages in painted gouache to their later manifestations as low reliefs with painted and printed surfaces.

To visit Finlay’s exhibition “Littoral” and see the work online click here.

Jenny Finch

Have you always thought of yourself as an artist?

I never had to choose which direction my life would take, I always felt that I was born to be creative, thankfully I was selected for art school, because otherwise I may well have gate-crashed and turned up every day even if I had not been offered a place. I remember at my art school interview being asked what my plan B was if I was unsuccessful. I didn’t have one, people often advise artists to have “something to fall back on” I have found that when life gets tough, it is art that saves me every time.

How does art save you?

I call the act of being creative, active meditation. When I am engrossed in mixing colours, focused on trying to communicate through paint, or clay I find everything else disappears. For hours on end I can be free of whatever is challenging in life apart from the artistic challenge. This is not to say that my creative work is not without its own disappointments and failures, struggles and insecurities, but I have never sought an easy life, I enjoy challenges.

Click here to read Jenny's full story and to see pieces she has for sale

Heather Armstrong

I have entered the creative world relatively late in life, having raised my family and fulfilled a career in the medical profession. Consequently I am soaking up all there is to learn of new skills and techniques while also endeavouring to look at the world and my place in it, in a different way.

What inspires me is outside. It’s the big stuff; the mountains, the sea, the rocks, the rivers and glaciers. It’s the energy in the wind and the water. It’s the colour and flow of the seasons.

Click here to read Heather's full story and to see pieces she has for sale.

Hope London

Long based in rural Wigtownshire, native New Yorker Hope London is a visual artist, songwriter, performer and co-creator of award winning arts-based education programs who believes in the transformative power of the arts.  After raising a family and a career in arts management, Hope now lives life as an artist and prefers the studio to almost any other place.

ROOT & BRANCH is the title piece of this exhibition.  The paintings are part of an evolving body of work focused on trees.  Some offer a magical escape into the woods, some are a metaphor for the human condition.

Click here to read Hope's full story and see pieces she has for sale.