Alayne Smith

I have lived and worked in Dumfries and Galloway all my life. As a child I loved, and was encouraged to draw and paint. This interest continued beyond studying art and ceramics at school and college, to study at summer schools at Glasgow art school, Leith art college, Bridge House art studio Ullapool.  I painted in Sam Mullen’s studio for a number of years. 

I am child of Dumfries and  Galloway and Scotland.  I have lived, worked and retired here among the beautiful land and seascapes on my doorstep which have inspired my work for many years. I allow myself to become immersed in nature, whether in my garden or on a walk round the lochs near my home. Colour and texture will grab my attention first; an autumn leaf, the sunlit hill in the distance, a reflectionthe bark of a tree or an insect.  

I flit from one thing to another; painting to printing to combining those, to sewing to ceramics. I tend to become  engrossed in a new technique/ skill /media and will ‘play’ for hours. This helps me grow as an artist and satisfies my need to continue learning. 

My most recent work has been attempting to combine my skills in drawing, painting, printing, ceramics, fabrics and solving wee problems…. I have been learning to make booksMy nascent interest is allowing me to combine my skills and of course learn new ones.  I am finding that working with a variety of media, and with other artists and makers is extremely satisfying and is throwing up new challenges which I need to explore. 

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