New show for February

February 3rd - 24th Michal Šúr - Trees

“Trees” has been an ongoing project of Michal's since 2011. It started on Islay, continued in Dumfries and Galloway and later on in the West Highlands. Trees are a very good subject for the infrared photography. To achieve most striking effect you ideally need the green foliage and dark blue sky. It was the bizarre windswept shapes of the solitary trees in the Hebrides that captured his imagination. Later on he realised that these trees were the only survivors of the former native woodlands in the landscape full of deer and sheep.

"Through my work in the Highlands I was observing process of destruction and disappearance of these woodlands. Finding exposed roots and stumps in treeless places where there used to be woodland less than hundred years ago. I saw native woodlands thinning under the pressure of high densities of deer or sheep, where seedlings have no chance to survive and the old trees are slowly dying and are being replaced by open moorland. Visiting old abandoned settlements." Michal also noticed the places that people once called home are now being reclaimed by nature and trees. He saw work that was being done to re-create native woodlands. This collection of photographs aims to show the beauty of trees, importance of trees to people and to highlight the disappearance of native woodlands.


Michal specialises in infrared B&W photography. This technique is known to produces images of unusual tonality, high contrast and often creates surreal effects. The photographs are made in daylight using a special filter that filters off the visible spectrum of light. It can be therefore said that my images show an unseen world! The filters used are almost black and therefore the image must be composed before the filter is put on the lens. During this process the light often changes and the visualized image with it which means one has to start all over again making it sometimes quite a slow process. Michal uses long exposures as this enhances movement in the environment.