Looking towards April and May, Spring Fling Season

Place - An exhibition by Spring Fling participants

We are now gearing up for the coming of our next show, Place; an exploration of the importance and significance of Place in our world and lives. We all have places we like to be, or hate to be. Places that inspire us or fill us with dread. Places we feel safe in and places that enable us to express ourselves.

We are looking forward to this next show which presents a curated exhibition in association with Upland, Spring Fling and forms part of this year's Spring Fling programme. The artists showing have answered a brief about Place, and the importance of place in their practice. We have received very interesting and inspiring responses and we are looking forward to showcasing these here at Ottersburn Gallery. The exhibition runs from 17th April with a Preview evening and closes on 7th May. Look out for more details on our social feed as the show comes together over the next couple of weeks. You can also visit go to www.spring-fling.co.uk/event/place for more information.